Sep. 18th, 2009

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So this is that Facebook guy's status this morning:

"[His name] hates being cencored. Long live free speech and the free exchange of ideas without persecution!"

Gee, I wonder what that's in relation to. Somehow I doubt that it's a coincidence. The poor baby, not being allowed to spout misogynistic bullshit on my personal page anymore. Apparently this is equivalent to censorship, persecution and anti-free speech. Wow, this guy is truly amazing.

You know, when you try to keep internet and real life separate as much as possible, it's all the more jarring when you run into the equivalent of an internet wanker in real life.

ETA: Oh, sheesh. Well, it definitely wasn't a coincidence--he actually whining about me in his Facebook status. The following conversation with a friend of his occurred under that status:

Friend: Who censored you and did it involve nudity??
Him: nah, was just having a conversation about politics, and we had differing views, I was having a stimulating time, but the person felt insulted and thretened to "unfriend" me if I continued talking about said subject. So i did, but felt sad, because I like hard discussions like that. Makes us grow, I find.
Friend: I agree and it's a shame. Reminds me of what a good friend of mine once said :"it sounds better in my head".
Him: ya, sometimes I have inflamatory remarks, but sometimes it's to stimulate conversation that I do it, not to piss people off. oh well...

In short: He's such a big man, a martyr and a wanker all rolled into one. "Differing views", "stimulating time", "hard discussions", "sometimes I have inflamatory remarks ... to stimulate conversation"...sure, you high intellectual, you. You want to "grow"? Take it upon yourself to educate yourself so that you don't come off as a misogynistic creep. It's not up to me to indulge or teach you.

And I am so sure that you felt "sad" rather than, you know, thwarted.

I'd defriend this guy right now but I don't know if it'll get back to Paul somehow. I don't feel like having to explain that I was fighting with one of his friends and think the guy's an asshole. Sigh. Am I overreacting?


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