May. 21st, 2007 02:56 pm
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So I picked up this week's mail on Friday evening (yeah, I can be slow in picking up my mail since I rarely use the front door of my building), and in it I found an envelope from the Gouvernement de Quebec. Usually those things are tax cheques, and therefore good. No such luck.


TO APPEAR personally before the Court of Quebec
At the Montreal courthouse, 1, rue Notre-Dame Est, Montreal
At 09:00 o'clock, on June 28th, 2007, room 5.10
to give evidence for the prosecution in the case(s) of:

Alexandre P----
348(1)b)(d) Breaking and entering with commission of indictable offence (dwelling-house)
344b) et al Robbery

Yeah. Remember this, in which I thought I did a good deed, but found out too late that there was no way to do said deed anonymously? And then here (scroll down) I thought I'd managed to get out of it and was all happy. I thought it was over.

The most I can say is that at least they didn't put it during one of my vacations, and they had better not try to reschedule it for one of those times, either, if they don't get it done. Goddamn, this pisses me off so much. I did not want to be involved. I never gave my name or address when I called, but they cheated by using the caller ID to send the cop to my door. And the cop told me that I might have the choice of testifying or not, and could check off the box that says "not sure" on that question when I filled out the statement. So WTF is this WE COMMAND YOU shit? Where is that option for me now? I'm going to call the number on the paper tomorrow (won't bother today since it's a holiday) and ask about that. Of course there are 3 different phone numbers on the paper and I'll have to figure out which one is the right one.

I don't even have anything to wear. I'll have to go out shopping just for this goddamn stupid thing that I never wanted to be involved in in the first place. I'll have to miss work, maybe all day, maybe more than one day depending on if they can get it done when they're supposed to (likely not, considering the way the courts work around here). They had better not reschedule it to a time during my next vacation, because I will tell them in no uncertain terms that I will not be there because I will be out of the country. I've paid for it already and it can't be rescheduled. Also, of course the courthouse is way the hell out of my way. Paul said he'll take time off work to take me and stay with me, which is so very sweet, and I don't know what I'd do without him. But gah! I'm so pissed I want to break things!

And it's been a whole fucking year! Even if I could have identified anyone in the first place (which I couldn't since I was watching from a third floor window), there's no way I'd be able to do it now. I don't know the people and really couldn't give a flying crap. All I wanted was for the girl to not get hurt. She didn't even want to press charges! I hope I don't have to see her, because I'm sure she'll be annoyed with me for having caused all of this for all of them. From what I can remember, and as far as I could tell at the time, her boyfriend got into her place and took her cellphone. And THAT is what caused all of this trouble? So not worth it!

You know what this teaches me? There will be no getting involved next time if there's no way to do it anonymously and have my part be over at getting the cops there to make sure the girl is safe, which is all I wanted. The next people who appear to be in trouble will just have to deal with it on their own because there's no way in fucking hell I'm doing this again. What a good lesson for me to have learned, huh? Good job, everyone!

>_< FUCK!!

P.S. To add insult to injury, they even misspelled my family name!


Trying to counter the bad news with a bit of good: If you see the Shrek 3 movie, you get to see the new Transformers trailer on it! But it's got even more stuff in it...a couple of scenes added in from the little 30-second spots, plus new scenes that I'd never seen before. I squeed all over the place. I barely paid attention through Shrek (marginally entertaining, but I didn't expect anything from it so it was all right) because all I could think of was OMFG TRAILER!!!


California: 4 days
Transformers 2007: 44 days


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