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I need to be in some mountains really badly.

Man, it's still like three weeks until we go to Lake George. This sucks. Being sick stopped me from going on my yearly trip to Calgary to see my wonderful Rockies, and our LG vacation got postponed by nearly a month this year. I can't stand it! I hate flatland. And the occasional pimple on the landscape just isn't enough. I know that when I go I'll have absolutely no computer access for the entire week, and I will miss RPing some...but not that much. LG''s kind of like home. It's lke just being there is enough. To be able to look out over the lake, go out canoeing whenever, and have the beautiful green Adirondacks all around...

I kind of want to do something new and different while we're there this year. Go somewhere different for once, since we always do the same stuff every year. Didy's gonna be there from Mon-Wed, staying in one of the small rooms at Pine Point. Woo hoo! Hopefully Kel and I will get to drive around in his car where we can listen to some good music. Love his stereo. Anyhoo, he says we have to figure out something good to do while he's there...which probably means going to The Great Escape. Here's hoping I'm well enough by then to do that. I mean, right now I can't even dance around without feeling like hurling, so if I don't get better there's no way I'm gonna make it on a roller coaster or the Skyflier. I SO wanna do the Skyflier again, especially with Didy watching. We'll see if he can still wimp out of it when his two little sisters are doing it. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive. For 3 people it's $20 per person! And that's above the $33 or whatever entrance fee. And that's American $! I don't even wanna translate that back to Canadian $.

Still, I wanna go there right now. *sigh*

But for the moment I'll just amuse myself with RPing. Bleh, Liz's computer is sick or something and it keeps conking out. Or something. Still, RPing in little spurts is better than none at all, even though she's been offline for 45 minutes now...

I tried to do some drawing today. I wanted to draw that cute pic I had in my head of Risk sitting there trying to learn to read english through comics. I've found out that I simply can't draw people sitting down, especially not sitting cross-legged. Darn it all. I even tried drawing it first with that bubble-dummy method, but I couldn't even draw the dummy right. >_<

I can't believe what I found out today. Well, maybe I _can_ believe it, but still. The new pills that doc gave me that he said would combat my nausea? Ma told me that she looked them up and nowhere does it say they fight nausea. They're a form of anti-depressant! O_O Okay, so I was getting that this doc thought that I was unhappy with my life and that it was contributing to the way I felt. Actually, I'm sure he thinks that that's completely what it is, since it turns out it's not acid-related. God knows he was trying to psychoanalyze me right then and there, and he also decided that the fiberoptic thingy was unnecessary. I'm sure he's already made up his mind that this is somehow psycho-related, and that's that. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Frelling hell, though. I feel like I've been scammed or something. Oh, and the pills? They help, I guess, like those other pills "helped". But the problem is still there. I'm still nauseous and I still get pain after eating, although it's less than without any pills. :P Maybe it's a placebo effect or something. But it sure ain't curing me. I'm sick of being sick.

I was hungry, so I just ate a pudding, something I haven't had in a couple of weeks. My tummy feels awful again. Teach me to eat. Sheesh. I shoulda had a least I would have enjoyed that more before my tummy fought back. *shrugs* Was feeling too lazy to get into making one, though...

I still wanna write more fic. Still can't. That damn scene is gonna be the death of me.

Speaking of fic, I gotta say how much I love the GAFF board. It's so nice to be on a board full of fully literate and fairly witty people who aren't afraid to speak their mind and hand out criticism where it's due. None of the trying so hard to be perfectly diplomatic and not step on any toes while groaning at semi-literate posts and fics. It's entire community of Soundwaves! he he he

I tried watching TF: Armada again the other day since it now shows every afternoon. I've been hoping it might get a bit better with time. No such luck. It's still absolutely lame and completely a children's show. Yes, I know these shows are aimed at kids who will want toys, but it's annoying that they can't seem to include the older viewer as well. BW always had something to keep us entertained. And G1, even though it's from the 80s and had often laughable animation, had its moments so that I could still enjoy it while rewatching the eps this year.

I should download more, especially the ones important to canon.

But! That's enough rambling again. Liz has finally made it back on, so I'm gonna take advantage of the situation. *cheers*
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Righto, my first entry.

Normally I wouldn't have that much to say..."stayed in, RPed with friends"...but today I actually did something. Or rather, was forced to do something. I got dragged along to see a relative today. *sigh* That was boring as all hell. The only thing that would have been good was the fact that this guy has a really nice pool, but the weather was so crap today (kinda chilly for swimming and often rainy) that we didn't even bother bringing our bathing suits. And that's my bro and I, btw...Kel got out of it since she had to go to work. God, trips are boring without her.

This relative is Ma's cousin...somehow...hell if I know how exactly that makes him related to me. He's old enough to be my grandfather. His new girlfriend (or sorry, his "lady friend") was there too. Both boring. There were many times when there were these big long silences. Thank god for Granny deciding it was time to go after a while, or else who knows how long we'd have been stuck there. *hugs Granny* I love how she just speaks her mind...she wants to leave, she'll stand up and say it's time to go ^_^. So we went. Thank you, thank you, Granny.

I felt crappy on the way home...we had to eat at that stupid hot dog/hamburger place for lunch because that's "tradition", as is driving around pointing out the same old things from Da's childhood. How many times do we have to drive by his old school or a certain graveyard? Anyway, while at Buster's place he fed us...put a bowl of maple ice cream in front of everyone without first asking if they wanted any. So what was I supposed to do? My tummy was still complaining from eating nasty hot dogs for lunch, but since the ice cream was put in front of me it was polite to eat it. Ugh...I only eat vanilla ice cream, and that maple was so sweet it was burning my mouth >_<. Naturally I felt even worse after eating it. I just have no desire to eat crap any more. Give me a salad, please.

So *praising Granny* we didn't have to stay there for dinner or anything, because the silences would have been unbearable.

Home again...I was still worried about that comp problem from last night. I mean, not being able to burn CDs would have taken away half the use I have for this computer ^_~. And I really really wanted to figure it out for myself since I felt bad about being mean to Sail about it last night, since it wasn't her fault the stupid program frelled the computer. And lo and behold, after a little while of searching, I find a lovely function called System Restore. Set it to before I downloaded that program, and things went back to normal. Hooray! I got it on my own! Maybe I'm starting on the road to becoming a computer geek. Y'think?

...Nah. I prolly just got lucky ^_~. Still, I'm fairly pleased with myself.

Now I have a Finch CD. Finch is great. "What it is to burn" is an awesome song.

Bleh, I got sunburned on my face today. It's all itchy and stuff. Just what I need, for my face to be redder.

I'm going crazy. Liz is still having computer problems and didn't get on again. It's been like four nights since we RPed and I'm going nuts without it! I have the other RPs to occupy me, but we left this one on one of those cliffhangers and...grr!

And speaking of Risk, I still haven't been able to write any more fic. Both the Risk-fic and the Vortex are stalled like crazy, and I wanna write more so badly so I can update them (and hopefully get more reviews...I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of reviews so far). I know Vortex is what more people would be interested in, but it's the Risk fic that I really want to write. I'm just stuck on how to strategize for another job of his. The inspiration for that just isn't coming. I know how the scene should go, but I can't quite get the setting or the setup figured out. Grr! Why oh why do my Muses leave me? I even took my notebook with me in the car today so that I could try and write during the car trip, but no luck. So I tried to draw. I can't draw, especially not in a moving car. >_<

I wanna draw. I have loads of Risk pics in my head that want to be let out if only I could do them properly. Maybe I'll try harder tomorrow, in my nice stable house.

I feel sick again. That's par for the course, though. And why can't I seem to lose any more weight? I've been stuck at the same 25 pounds now for a while.

I'm rambling. I'll quit now and turn all attention back to RPing for a while longer. I'm tired...stupid having to get up early grumblegrumble...and now Ma is yelling again. Okay, I have to admit that maybe tonight I could actually use the sleep.

So...sleep it is.


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