Dec. 15th, 2010

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So! I have now been married for two full months, and I know that I promised a wedding post a long time ago...sorry! So here we go. Warning: This is in ridiculous detail because it's for my memories too. I've made headings under the cuts so you can skip to whichever parts may actually interest you, heh.

Wedding part 1: Preparations )

To be continued in part 2...
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Wedding, part 3: The hall, the reception and the aftermath )

It was almost weird to go home to a quiet house after that. We couldn't believe it was all over. Ten months of planning and spending and crazy stress, all for ten hours, some of which went by in a blur. My long-distance friends were gone again, and who knows when I'll get to see them again. It all seemed to be over so suddenly.

I'd sat at the head table with my camera, intending to take some photos myself, but the only one that turned out was this one of me and Kel (something about the washed-out lighting and the focus issues makes this photo look unique to me, and I love it). So I had to sit back and wait for the guests to post their photos on Facebook, then download them from there. All of the photos I have right now are from Kel and other friends. There are probably 300 or so, so I've distilled those into a photobucket album. I've linked some of them in this post, but if you want to see them all (and they're in order too!), go ahead and check out the full album.

So that's it! Next up: the honeymoon. We got married October 9, but would only leave on November 6 because we wanted some downtime in between. The honeymoon was a week-long Caribbean cruise aboard the Ruby Princess, gifted to us (including flights) by Paul's boss. It's going to take me a while to upload all of those photos, so sorry to say you'll have to wait a while for that post!


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