Sep. 28th, 2010

tripathy: (Doom on you)
So now it is eleven days until my wedding, and I am running on a constant background stress level that is made up of about 2/3 wedding and 1/3 things I have to get done at work before the end of the week and then have to hurry to finish up when I get back. These things are student grant applications with hard deadlines, so I'm actually only taking 1.5 weeks off work around my wedding rather than a full 2 weeks just so I can come back and get those damned things submitted on time. These kids had better appreciate what I do for them!

So now it's all in the last-minute details. We've had several problems (one of which nearly cost us the legality of our wedding day, and now we'll be having a religious ceremony instead of a civil one) but I think if we keep working at it things will come out okay in the end. But busy busy busy! Tonight I have hockey, tomorrow we meet with the ceremony officiant, Thursday Paul has something, Friday I have hockey again (last one before the wedding). Then Monday we meet with the caterer, and Monday night NE and Ly get here. On October 7 BC and Phoenix get here, and finally getting to meet them is almost as exciting as the wedding itself!

Still so much to do, and it's all stuff that can't be done until the last minute, too. I hate having to wait to get things done! @_@


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