Aug. 11th, 2010

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At 9:30am on August 10, 2010, the most beautiful, wonderful person I will ever have the privilege to have known passed from this world. At the incredible age of 108, my Granny has at last gone to join her husband, friends and family.

At the beginning of the weekend she contracted pneumonia, and on Sunday afternoon Ma called all of us and told us that Granny would likely not last the night. Our family all gathered in her room in the nursing home, where Granny was asleep, having been given drugs to make her comfortable. End-stage protocol had begun, and she would not wake again. Did she know we were there? She seemed asleep, but her breathing was easier when the entire family was in the room with her. None of us were able to say goodbye aloud, but that time was our goodbye as we each held her hand and stood by her. Incredibly, she held on for another 36 hours after that. It was only after her favourite nurse arrived Tuesday morning and told her that it was okay to leave that she finally passed.

Muriel Sonne was an exceptional person, and my hero. Not the kind of hero who fights in wars or rushes into burning buildings, but the kind whose reassuring presence, quiet dignity, unconditional love and tolerance, and indomitable spirit and strength makes you want to be a better person. She was on this earth for a long time, and has seen so many things, has witnessed so much history taking place. Her longevity was her "claim to fame", but that was hardly the only reason that she was an inspiration to us all.

RIP Muriel Sonne, 1902-2010 )


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