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I exist on DW now just in case, so feel free to add me there (still trying to figure everything out). I think what I'll do is cross-post everything between LJ and DW. I've really only done this so I can make sure to keep up with the friend(s?) who are leaving LJ.

My view on this issue: my LJ may be open to the public, but for me Facebook is for RL and LJ is for internet friends, and I keep the two completely separate (my Facebook is friends only and nobody is added to it unless I have met them face to face). I do not want anything of mine cross-posted to Facebook...not because I feel I have anything to hide, but because I want to maintain the separation of these two "lives", per se. LJ is for THIS, Facebook is for THAT, and both are in their neat little compartments of my life. I understand everyone's feelings on privacy and would never cross-post anyone else's stuff.

This whole uninhibited cross-posting idea is a right mess.

On a totally unrelated note, Paul and I were talking about online lives a few nights ago and he finally asked me what "GAFF" was because I always talked about it as such a big part of my online life. When I told him it stood for GodAwful FanFiction, he laughed...he used to read there (but never post) around the time when I first joined back in 2001-02! Small world. O_o


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