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Final score: Montreal 5, Pittsburgh 2, and Crosby and the Penguins are headed for the golf course! Halak was his usual awesome self, especially in the third period, and it was Also great to see Gill back (Pittsburgh had been attempting to systematically eliminate all of our defencemen, beginning in Game 1 with Markov, who still isn't back) and putting his 6'7 self in Crosby's way.

The game was in Pittsburgh, but the Bell Center here was sold out ($7.50 to watch the game there on the big screen with ~25000 other fans). I don't know what downtown looks like right now, but it's probably insane.

When the game had been over for a couple of minutes, the phone rang. It was my parents' number, and I figured it was Da because he tends to call his daughters after important hockey games XD. Good thing I have caller ID, because when I picked up the phone all I heard was "HALAAAAAAK!!!" I LOLed. XD I love my Da.

(The joy is tempered somewhat though by the tragic loss of a family of four when their home suddenly collapsed into a sinkhole on Monday night. The entire family had been watching Game 6 together in the basement when they were buried--so quickly that at least two of them did not even have time to get up off the couch. So terrible and frightening. (This incident also meant many phone calls to our department from reporters at a time when anyone who even remotely specializes in such things is off in the field.) One minute your family is enjoying the game, and then the next minute...)

But the Habs play on, and now we will face either Boston or Philly in the conference final. We have scores to settle with both teams (Philly eliminated us in 2008, Boston did it in 2009), but we have a long-standing playoff rivalry with Boston and that matchup is what most Habs fans are looking for. Boston was up 3-1 in the series, but Philly just won and has tied up the series, forcing a Game 7 on Friday. Not sure why they're one game behind us, but hopefully Les Boys won't get cold waiting for them to catch up!


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