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That torch looks like Superman's fortress gone wrong.

Honestly, how hard is it to design a torch that still sort of looks like a torch--and, oh yeah, is functional? After a great show like that, it was a pretty big letdown.

(And dropped their online feed a few seconds before the torch was lit, and by the time I got to a TV, I had missed it. Brilliant timing. After waiting all night to see it, I had to watch it in "rerun". Can we get CBC back?)

Overall I did like the show. Unfortunately I missed the part before the athletes' entrance because I was at my own hockey game, but I enjoyed what I did see. I loved the special effects on the floor, especially the orcas. I also got a bit wibbly when they showed our soldiers in Kandahar watching the show on TV and wearing Canada hockey jerseys over their uniforms.

Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado were so obviously lip-synching, but the song was a fun get-up song, so I didn't mind so much. Other songs were kind of boring. I'm sure the woman who sang the Olympic Hymn must be considered to have a great voice, but I had to mute her because opera makes me want to do violence.

Could have done without the flying kid, that a requirement for every single opening ceremonies? Screw "artsy", that shit is boring and doesn't even count as mystical or wondrous or anything. It's a kid being pulled around on a harness. Next!

I liked that Hayley Wickenheiser was chosen to do the athletes' oath. Female hockey players represent!!

I liked the choices for the flag-bearers: famous Canadian actors, singers, athletes, humanitarians and an astronaut. There was movement in Canada to get Betty Fox (Terry Fox's mother) to be the one to light the torch, but the flag is also a great honour. The final flame runners were also good, and it was nice that they all lit the indoor torch, then the Great One lit the outdoor one (as suspected by most).

Gretzy's trip to the outdoor torch through the pouring rain that is the signature of Vancouver, surrounded by people wearing only light jackets (and some even in T-shirts), made me shake my head and wonder how and why they picked a city for the Winter Olympics that never actually experiences winter. You know where else in Canada has winter? EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT VANCOUVER. Honestly. Even Toronto.

On a more somber note, it's sad about that Georgian luger who died. It's so tragic, to be on the eve of what should be the greatest moment of your life, and die before reaching that moment. Ranked 44th coming into the competition, he was unlikely to medal, so that kind of Olympic glory wasn't to be for him. But it still would have been his chance, his moment, the culmination of everything he had worked for. It would have meant a lot to him, his family and friends. Now instead of it being his memory, he's our memory. The moment of silence for him was touching. I really, really hope nobody else gets badly hurt on that apparently insanely dangerous luge track.

But all in all, it's awesome to have the Games on home turf. As always, I'll be glued to a TV or an online feed nearly 24/7 for the next couple of weeks as I once again become the Olympic junkie I've been for as long as I can remember. Tomorrow I shall put on my Olympic mittens (Da bought them for me) and Monday I will wear my Canada hockey jersey (Christmas gift from Paul) to work.


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