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Dec. 27th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Over six years ago, back when my obsession of the moment was the Legacy of Kain games (never did play the games since I'm not a gamer, but I loved the story and characters), I made this silly chibi pic of Janos (the cookies were some kind of fandom in-joke at the time).

Back in January someone else on deviantArt discovered the pic and liked it so much that she asked permission to make a little figurine of it. I said sure, and it made my day at the time, but I had totally forgotten about it until she sent me this today!

It has once again made my day! I feel really honoured that someone liked my little picture enough to spend the time to make a sculpture of it. I wish I could have the little guy myself!

I'm still pleasantly surprised every time someone finds an old piece of mine--be it one of those 6-year-old silly chibi pics or my first fic, which is nearing 10 years old now--and likes it. It always gives me a smile to get a review from someone brand-new even though I'm no longer drawing or writing fics. It reminds me of some good times ^_^.


Christmas loots were awesome this year. Among them: the GI Joe series box set and a Team Canada Olympic hockey jersey from Paul, the last of the seasons of SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis to complete my series, Supernatural S4, new tops and necklaces and barrettes (ordered by me but paid for as a Xmas present), new towels and bathmats to match the hopefully soon-to-be-completed bathroom, a new scarf and slippers, $200, gift cards for HMV and Future Shop, a couple of new funky lamps and a GI Joe action figure from Kel and her boyfriend...and, for old time's sake, a Yoko Tsuno book (I doubt that most people would know what those are, considering they're in french, but I used to collect them when I was 10-15 years old).

And if you think that was a great haul, it was Alexa's first Christmas and she was spoiled to bits (not that she would understand, of course). I was particularly pleased with the present I got her--a Team Canada Olympic sweatsuit. It's red and black and teeny-tiny and I can't wait to see her in it. Everyone else may want to keep dressing her in pink, so this auntie has taken it upon herself to ensure that she not become a purely pink Disney princess type!

Another gift I was especially proud of was the one I bought for Skating Dave--a signed Carey Price collectible puck. I hope he likes it and that he doesn't already have one! He always gets me nice stuff and as an engagement present he gave Paul and me the Transformers series box set, so he deserves something awesome.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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