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Oct. 31st, 2009 05:05 pm
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So 32, eh?

Yesterday I got called 24 by one person and 29 by another (and only because he had just heard me call my sister young when I was saying how she was complaining about turning 27--otherwise he would have guessed younger). I also got accosted by two of the lab tech ladies in our department yesterday who wouldn't let me leave until I told them my true age...to which they replied "Darn! I'd guessed younger". In short, I continue to rock.

It's a crappy day here, windy and rainy. Although...could it be? Do I see the sky lightening? One can only hope. Rain on Halloween night is the worst.

Tonight is Alex's big party. Last night was the school party. I am impressed by the costume-making skills of many of the students--particularly the group of girls and one guy who were the X-Men and Magneto, and another three girls who were Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids--but hugely disappointed in their dancing. Why don't they ever dance? What's the point of a party where there is no dancing? Parties with no dancing make me think of adult cocktail parties, where people just stand around and talk, and I can't think of any party more boring than that.

Tonight I will be a witch. I have a long black dress that ties up the front and is slit up-to-there on both sides, and I've never had the occasion to wear it. This seems like as good a time as any!

This was a boring entry. Just nothing much going on lately, I guess. I need to wake up more in time for the party.


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